EPIC: Two Bold Black Ladies Walk Into Occupied Seattle To Deliver A Message (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on June 16, 2020

We’ve already seen the hostility that one brash Christian guy with the speaker faced when he went there with a message that challenged their thinking. This encounter went a very different direction.

These two ladies were just as tenacious in defending their ideas as the preacher guy was. But they took a very different approach. One that got much better results.

Naturally, we know that there were some obvious differences right from the get-go. He was a young white guy with a loudspeaker. They were two black ladies in ponchos.

But the differences went further than that. He was making declarations that were completely disconnected from his audience, while the ladies were making an appeal to theirs, an attempt to persuade and draw from places of common ground.

Their message wasn’t one-dimensional either. Why would it be? The issue they are contending with is multidimensional. There is a spiritual component, but there is a political and understanding of social fabric component as well. These ladies skillfully addressed each in their turn.

Here’s an example of the preaching part.

And here they are making a strong case for why Republicans and not Democrats are the political party sharing most in common with priorities and values prevailing among black culture.

Andrew Klavan made a great observation:

One thing we on the Right could stand to get better at is packaging our ideas in a context that makes sense to the audience we are addressing.

Persuasion for ideas is no different than any other kind of sales. You don’t make the client find their way to you, you meet the client on their terms, and create an appetite for the product or service you are offering.

Our ‘product’ is personal liberty.

Handled correctly, it shouldn’t be a hard sell. Especially (as Bill Whittle often points out) there are two places where you can find needs for food, shelter, and safety perfectly met. A prison and a zoo. Obviously our reasons for NOT living in either place outweigh the benefits of a life where needs are met without effort.

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