HEY DEMS: If Trump Is So D@mn ‘Divisive’, What Is He Doing In This Video?

Written by Wes Walker on June 4, 2020

None of the other tactics to undercut, overthrow, or derail the President have worked. Again and again, Trump is one step ahead of his rivals. So they’re going with the tried-and-true tactic.

There is a reason smear campaigns are so effective. They don’t have to be true. They just have to plant a seed of doubt in the minds of people. The preferred smear campaign of choice that they would be leveraging against Trump has been evident since Charlotte.

Forget, for a moment, the fact that the same clip they use against him (‘very fine people’) if let run for another 45 seconds will entirely disprove their claim about Trump praising bigots. That doesn’t matter. Only the narrative matters. Sooner or later, everyone gets called Hitlerian these days, but there’s some irony in that. Today’s smear campaigns operate under the same rules that we saw in the worst 20th Century propaganda: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

With Anarchists and petty criminals using the cover of a genuine cause (the wrongful death of George Floyd) to pursue their private goals, the conversation of ‘national division’ is back on the table.

Whether indifferent to, ignorant of, or simply dismissing the way citizens on the Right was treated by the previous administration, Democrats and their media talking head flunkies are trotting out the old accusations of Trump being ‘divisive’. What they REALLY mean is he’s bigot.

Try to reconcile that claim with what he’s been saying.

Here is his team’s most recent message:

Is that a message of division? Or unity? Is it calling those of us who believe in what’s best about America to rally together to those things that unite us? Or is he chastising ‘bitter’ people for ‘clinging to’ the wrong ideas and values?

Back when Obama made a distinction between protesters and criminals, calling the latter ‘thugs’ nobody batted an eye. But now when Trump does the same thing, he’s somehow opposed to the First Amendment.

Lies are spread about use of force — and not retracted when shown to be untrue — so that they can sell that old story of OrangeManBad. No, teargas and rubber bullets were NOT used in LaFayette Park, the ‘protest’ that had been dispersed was NOT peaceful, and it was no mere Presidential ‘photo op’.

It was a show of strength. A message to America — we will not be held hostage to the whims of violent actors. We will not cower or comply. This is a nation of laws, and it belongs to the law-abiding. Period.