How Would Jesus Riot?

Written by Doug Giles on June 4, 2020

When faced with injustices like the killing of George Floyd, would Jesus Riot with the looters at Macy’s, or would he go another way.

People have been quick to draw a correlation between the lootings, beatings and torching of buildings we’ve seen over the last week and the incidents where Jesus went into the Temple and started kicking over tables.

But are those folks really ready to see what Jesus example REALLY requires of us? Like most things in the Christian life, his way is both better, and more difficult than the uncontrolled rage that’s been stealing TVs and burning down cities every night.

His way doesn’t just VENT anger, it directs it toward a constructive purpose.

Rich, Doug, and Guest David Curry discuss the need for limits to righteous outrage in this powerful podcast.

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