Illegal Fireworks Angering NYC Residents Are Getting Dangerous–Protest At De Blasio’s Home Gets Results(VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on June 23, 2020

The lawlessness in New York seems to be ramping up now that the “defund the police” movement is gaining steam.

We’ve seen in recent years that there has been a growing hatred towards law enforcement officers in New York.

ClashDaily reported that uniformed officers were being attacked.

WATCH: Uniformed Cops Get Doused With Water, Objects Thrown At Them

With the George Floyd protests turning into wild, riots with looting, lawlessness has been on an upswing.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has caved to the mob and disbanded the plainclothes anti-crime units and violent crime has surged.

Riots, looting, shootings, we’re back to the NYC of the 1970s. But add to that, hours of illegal fireworks going off in the middle of the night disturbing residents.

Apparently, illegal fireworks have always been a thing in New York, but this year it’s completely out of control.

After months of lockdowns and getting hit hard with the coronavirus, some New York residents see these fireworks as just blowing off steam. Others not so much. In the first half of June, there have been 1,737 complaints to 311 which is 80 times the number of complaints at the same time in 2019.

“These are not your normal kids playing with fireworks,” said Michael Ford, a piano teacher in Manhattan’s Inwood neighborhood. “These are real explosives, like Macy’s-style fireworks.”

Mr. Ford said that those who were firing off the explosives made it impossible for him to walk his dogs at night.

“People scream out their windows at them, but they just laugh,” he said, adding that he and his neighbors had called 911 as well as 311, but that the police had not responded.

“I think it’s a lot of people who have been pent-up and need to blow off steam,” he continued. “But it’s just adding whole other layer of anxiety.”

Videos on social media show that these aren’t your normal fireworks displays. People are wandering the streets shooting off fireworks at each other.

The situation is out of control and some are making it about race.

Equality for Flatbush, which calls itself a “people of color-led, multinational grass-roots organization that does anti-police repression, affordable housing and anti-gentrification/anti-displacement organizing,” lashed out at a now-deleted Facebook group, Peaceful Ditmas Park, and a law professor who helped write the petition.

Equality for Flatbush said Peaceful Ditmas Park was “a majority-white Facebook group where pro-gentrification and white supremacist sentiment is highly prevalent” and called the law professor, Irina Manta, a “Ditmas Park Karen,” using what has become shorthand for an entitled white woman.

The organization also put out a statement calling summertime fireworks “a culturally accepted norm of Brooklyn” and “an act of resistance and a show of solidarity with the global #BlackLivesMatter rebellion.”

Source: New York Times

But they’re just fireworks, right?

Yes, but they can be dangerous.

According to the New York Times, Bronx police responded to a report of a gunshot but instead found a teenager injured in the chest after lighting one of the illegal fireworks. A 33-year old Brooklyn man was lighting fireworks in his apartment at 5 am on June 17 when one backfired and hit him. He is now in the hospital in critical condition.

In addition to those instances, there are videos of someone tossing fireworks into windows and, in one instance, at a homeless person who appears to be sleeping.

A 66-year old homeless man suffered from burns when this asshat tossed fireworks at him while he slept.

Fed up New Yorkers decided since they couldn’t sleep that they’d give a taste of what they’ve been enduring for the past several weeks. A honking protest was set up in front of the Mayor’s house.

It worked.

Mayor Bill “defund the police” de Blasio announced today that a task force will be formed to address the fireworks.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday the formation of a new illegal-fireworks task force after growing complaints around New York City in recent weeks.

“We’re going to start a huge sting operation to go and get these illegal fireworks at the base, meaning everywhere they’re being sold” around New York City and even in surrounding states, de Blasio said in a press conference Tuesday.

The task force will consist of 42 members, including 10 from the NYPD, 12 from the FDNY, and the 20 from the the Sheriff’s Bureau.

Source: New York Magazine

It’s shameful that in de Blasio’s New York you have to protest to get laws enforced.

Now, it’s clear that the police have been busy with protests, racial unrest, and a surge in violence, but this is precisely why the defund the police movement is so stupid. Do you think you’d get more or less of this kind of lawlessness with fewer police officers on the beat?

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