LEADERSHIP FAIL: Gov Inslee Was Clueless That Seattle Had Been Abandoned To The Mob

Written by Wes Walker on June 11, 2020

C’mon… really? Why would someone tell a lie that makes him look even MORE incompetent than the facts on the ground do?

Unless he’s trying to buy time for … someone? But which side would that be helping?

Part of a major American city has fallen to an unruly mob that has already adopted a Warlord culture for ‘maintaining order’ within their boundaries. They rushed in to fill the gap being left behind when police and the National Guard were sent away from defending one of the police stations in downtown Seattle.

Because of a complicit Mayor (whose compliance or resignation they are already demanding), their revolution seized part of the city (trapping 500 homeowners, and some businesses) within a territory that claims to not even be part of America anymore.

“That’s news to me????”

What a freaking putz.

Instead of being the least concerned that it might be true, he’s laughing about it!

The unprintable combination of profanities that come to mind in response to his reaction doesn’t even BEGIN to express my contempt for how he’s left an American city to be abandoned, and ruled by our own version of warlords.

In case he’s forgotten, there are some 500 US citizens trapped in those few blocks of territory. And the anarchists are already demanding that more territory be added to their ‘takings’.

And this is an interesting point. If some of those 2A protesters had conquered 6 blocks of a major city and declared it to be independent of the United States of America, we’d be looking at a whole other story from the press.

The Governor is responsible for Law and Order in his state. It’s about time he started earning his paycheck.

Maybe start by cutting off cell and internet service to those 5 blocks and disrupt their contact with each other and coordination with the outside world. Maybe cut off utilities, too, offering amnesty or at least leniency for anyone coming out quietly… except for the leaders who should be tried under any relevant laws on the books relating to insurrection.