WHOOPS: Ilhan CHEERED ‘Defund The Police’, Now Seattle Is Looking Like Somalia

Written by Wes Walker on June 11, 2020

When government authority breaks down, something much uglier rushes in to fill the vacuum.

Why is it that revolutionaries always assume that the Brave New World they are hellbent on ushering in is so much better than what we have already, especially when they look to violent change and mob justice rather than legislative change to correct it?

It failed a thousand times before now, but this time, THIS time, it’ll work. Really.

No, it won’t. And if they had studied actual human history and philosophy, rather than the Marxist intellectual gruel it has been replaced with, in our alleged universities, they would already know that.

But now they’ve gone ahead and turned Seattle into a live set of Les Miserables, with the only thing still missing being bodies piled up on the barricades. Let us hope it doesn’t have to come to that… but we dismiss these events as outliers at our own peril. If they succeed at overthrowing a local government, and declaring autonomy, it will embolden others to try as well.

There are some who would gladly throw the dice in launching a civil war. And there is nothing our rival world powers would like better than to see us tearing ourselves apart from the inside.

It’s possible we might one day learn that foreign governments have played a role in funding this for exactly that purpose. And ELECTED people like AOC and Ilhan Omar have been cheering this abolition of the police from the sidelines.

Ilhan really ought to know better. She came here, fleeing from her birthplace of Somalia. Interestingly, she was born in the very same city that the events of Black Hawk Down played out. We haven’t forgotten that dark page of our history already, have we?

Mogadishu wasn’t run by an impartial system where all men (and women) stood under the same law. (The Law is King approach.) No. They had a much different model. Warlords and his henchmen rule the city by force and fear, and his word is supreme. (The King is Law.)

It is a dangerous and corrupt system that creates a dangerous and corrupt culture.

Now, we have an American city functioning under that same template.

Like a dog chasing a car, they never figured out what to do if they caught it. Seattle’s cops, under orders, abandoned part of their city to anarchists. They have discovered that this ‘Capital Hill Autonomous Zone’ is sliding into warlordism.

So, without a uniform rule of law, enforced by dispassionate law enforcement, and adjudicated by courts, power dynamics will default to (*checks notes*) the strongest and most heavily-armed groups pushing the weaker and more vulnerable people.

On second thought, maybe ‘Les Mis’ isn’t exactly the right comparison. This could go the route of Lord of the Flies pretty damned quickly.

Of course, if these folks had even a passing interest in Western Culture, they could have learned from the mistakes of OTHER civilizations, instead of insisting on learning from them self-destructive choices and trial and error.

Behold his leadership!

With examples like this, is it any wonder that Somalia is consistently rated as one of the world’s top two corrupt countries on the planet? (It is currently dead last.)