Leftist Protester Blasts Black Cop, He Sets Her Straight Without Breaking A Sweat (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on June 25, 2020

Where are all these scream-y self-righteous white chicks coming from, and why are they so quick to pick fights with black cops?

Another day, another shrill drill that cops with the patience of Job have to suffer through.

This time, a white chick blasts a cop as racist. The fact that his wife is black and their kids are mixed is no defense against her accusation that he’s racist.

She’s operating at top-tier smug and self-righteous, and she starts goading a black cop. He’s not interested in playing her game and he flips the script on her, says some things she might never have heard before.

As a black cop, he was in a position to challenge her assumptions about racism. But he went further than that. It’s exactly the kind of thing she NEEDED to hear too.

It included some reality checks, and some insights about human nature that looks deeper than retread political talking points and finger-pointing. One that actually points to a possible solution to the stalemate we find ourselves in.

One that focuses on redemption and not retribution.

Some will chafe at it, but kudos to this cop for handling this situation the way he did.

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