WATCH: 2 Feelgood Stories The Racial Division-Stoking Media(D) Will NOT Be Featuring On TV

Written by Wes Walker on June 25, 2020

To hear the media tell it, the entire world has taken sides in a pile-on demonizing one group, based on their immutable characteristic of race. But like so many *other* stories they tell, that isn’t the whole story.

When they talk about lethal interactions with police, they highlight the times when black civilians are unjustly killed and underreport the times when white civilians are likewise killed, reinforcing the beliefs of some that police are in the habit of murdering black Americans. (Is it any wonder we have seen a recent spike in police being murdered in ambush situations?)

The NYTimes have been pushing a revisionist 1619 Project which reimagines the entirety of US history through a lens of racial hostility… as though every American through history has been so crassly one-dimensional that this would make sense, even if it were NOT being discredited by historians.

Well-meaning Americans wanting to show their rejection of racism have thrown support behind a group that has leveraged that goodwill to bankroll an ideology VERY hostile to the American Way of Life. Its founders are openly admitting they are trained Marxists.

Between that, and the violent racially-charged mobs running riot in major American cities, you might believe that there is open war between White people and Black people. Or, if not open war, then perhaps you might have wondered whether it’s open season on white people.

It isn’t.

Here are a couple of young black guys going above and beyond to help an elderly white couple they most likely didn’t know from Adam. Most likely, they just saw a couple of fellow Humans who needed some help.

Another video showed a couple of people coming to the rescue of an elderly white man who had been robbed of about $100 by some ‘raggedy-ass’ punk.

The rescuers were black. So was the thief they brought to face the man he robbed from.

Good guys can come in all colors. So can the bad guys.

Do NOT let your faith in what made America great be shaken. Here are just two examples among many to remind us all that there are more of us that LOVE America than there are those who hate it. And if we all stand up together, we can put an end to the agitation that is almost certainly being bankrolled by big-money financiers who live safely behind some kind of a security fence.

People who see ordinary Americans and the local shops that are burned and looted as expendable pawns on a political chessboard.

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