LMAO: New York Has A Moment Of Unity — Calling For De Blasio To GTFO

Written by Wes Walker on June 3, 2020

The absentee Mayor has worn out his welcome in NYC. Crowds are now officially calling for him to get out of Dodge.

It hasn’t been a good week for Bill de Blasio. They probably liked him better back in May 2019 when he was too busy deluding himself that he could be President to show up for work as Mayor. He did less harm then.

De Blasio hasn’t exactly been covering himself in glory, lately.

He’s still stinging from his terrible management of the Wuhan Coronavirus health crisis in NYC. (He and Cuomo both have much to answer for on that score.) The fact that he seems to have been singling out Jewish (and to a lesser extent, Christian) groups for special condemnation and enforcement has not escaped notice.

His own daughter got arrested while running with the crowd who’s been so busily tearing up the Big Apple. NY Riots: Two NY Lawyers Firebombed A Police Car And The Mayor’s Daughter Got Arrested, Too

When the riots came to town, he mishandled that as badly as he has everything else.

He sent cops out to meet a mob, without proper protection. And the cops called him out for it.

New York’s patience is wearing thin. Especially now that they are seeing beloved city landmarks like Macy’s get swarmed and gutted by two-bit criminals.

Interestingly, just after he was publicly denouncing one of his cops, calling for his badge without bothering to find out the context — namely that he was coming to the defense of another officer who had been hit with a brick…

… New Yorkers took the idea of resignation in a whole different direction. The crowd, last night started chanting with one voice and for one purpose: “De Blasio resign”.

Such a beautiful show of unity, isn’t it?

Almost enough to bring a tear to your eye.