New Jersey Councilman And Councilman-Elect Charged With Voter Fraud In Mail-In Election

Written by K. Walker on June 27, 2020

We’re told that this never happens.

We’re told by the left that incidents of voter fraud are few and far between, so we should just remove the “racist” practice of requiring identification, allow ballot harvesting, as well as mail-in ballots, and just accept all of the Democratic policy proposals to “fix” the voting process.

President Trump was mocked for tweeting out that he thought that the integrity of the 2020 Presidential election was in jeopardy if large-scale mail-in ballots are used.

Well, if the Special Election in New Jersey is any indicator–he’s right.

On May 13, reported:

The Passaic County Board of Elections commissioners decided to not count 800 ballots, a county spokesman said. The decision comes after the federal Office of the Inspector General began to investigate ballots that were left on the floor of an apartment building in Paterson, U.S. postal service spokesman George Flood said.

Another incident involved Paterson ballots that were found bundled together in another municipality. The Record reported that 400 Paterson ballots were found in Haledon, 300 were found in South Paterson and another 100 were found elsewhere.

It appears the culprits have been found.

The New Jersey Attorney General’s office announced voter fraud charges on Wednesday against a sitting councilman, a councilman-elect, and two other individuals relating to a mail-in special election in Paterson, NJ. The men are alleged to have exploited the mail-in voting process in the May 12 special election.

An investigation was opened when the United States Postal Inspection Service found hundreds of ballots in a single mailbox in Paterson as well as more in a mailbox in Haledon, NJ.

New Jersey’s Attorney General Gurbir Grewal said, “Today’s charges send a clear message: if you try to tamper with an election in New Jersey, we will find you and we will hold you accountable. We will not allow a small number of criminals to undermine the public’s confidence in our democratic process.”

Paterson City Councilman Michael Jackson, Councilman-elect Alex Mendez were two of the men charged.

Jackson, who represents the City’s 1st Ward and is the Vice President of the City Council, is alleged to have solicited voters to hand over their ballots and is alleged to have turned in ballots without being the authorization bearer to do so. His charges include election fraud, fraud in casting mail-in vote, unauthorized possession of ballots, false registration or transfer, tampering with public records, and falsifying or tampering with records.

“The residents of New Jersey have a right to free and fair elections, and we will ensure that happens,” said OPIA Director Thomas Eicher. “Our office’s criminal investigations complement a number of other safeguards that New Jersey has implemented to ensure the integrity of our elections.”

Source: Sara Carter

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time that a councilman has committed voter fraud in Paterson. Several years ago, a former councilman, Rigo Rodriguez, and his wife, Lisette Rodriguez, were charged with mail-in voter fraud in Paterson during his re-election bid. They have both been banned for life from holding public office or working for the public sector.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy issued an Executive Order on March 19 that elections in the state were to be conducted by mail due to the coronavirus pandemic.

These were members of the city council that were charged with tampering with an election.

This happened with one special election in New Jersey. What happens when we allow widespread mail-in voting for the general election in November? Do you not think that desperate partisans won’t stoop to this?

When the Media(D) is constantly trumpeting that the President is pretty much a Nazi or sides with the KKK, there are going to be people willing to do whatever it takes to get the “evil” out of the White House.

If there is tampering with the election in November 2020, we can lay the blame where it belongs…on the individuals but also the partisan presstitutes who have tossed aside unbiased coverage for their narrative of “Orange Man Bad.”

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