‘Peaceful Protesters’ Topple Confederate Statue, Crack Someone’s Head Open

Written by Wes Walker on June 11, 2020

What, these clowns didn’t really think rioting was a SAFE endeavor, did they? They’ve gone and learned the hard way.

You know it’s gone bad when they describe the injuries in colorful ways like this:

“We could see that his skull was actually showing.”

There are all kinds of punchlines crying out to be added to the text here, but because this we will leave those aside. After all, we don’t know the guy’s condition or prognosis. He may be a criminal moron, but his life still has some intrinsic worth. Whether our readers will do the same is an open question.

Here’s video of the statue coming down.

Hall, who was at the protest, reported it had been a celebratory atmosphere as protesters worked to pull the statues down from the monument using chains and a tow rope as well as a sledgehammer.

But that quickly turned to horror as one of the statues came free suddenly and fell into the crowd, hitting the man.

The Virginian Pilot reported the man was in his 30s and lost consciousness. He was taken to hospital.

Police chief Angela Greene said they quickly stepped in after the incident and told protesters to leave.

The Portsmouth monument sits on a site where there used to be a whipping post to punish slaves, the newspaper reports. —NZHerald

To sum up… protesters were tearing down a Confederate statue in Portsmouth Virginia.

One of the guys pulling down the monument happened to be standing directly in the path of it when it toppled… cracking him right in the head.

He was bleeding profusely. The bone of his skull was visible. He was convulsing.

The name of the victim was not known.