Plot Twist: Church Skirts Coronavirus Closure Laws By Reopening As A ‘Worship Bar’

Written by Wes Walker on June 16, 2020

In a part of the country relatively untouched by the virus, life has begun returning to normal — but not for the Churches.

Argentina’s Santa Fe province has given the go-ahead for bars to reopen. They have NOT given the same green light to churches. Not buying the ridiculous double-standard, one Church defied the ruling by what might be otherwise called ‘identifying as‘ a bar, so they could reopen as well.

This isn’t quite what most people think of when they read the passage, “If anyone thirsts…” but full credit for a creative workaround to stupid government overreach.

Pastors dressed as waiters and carried Bibles on trays to bar tables set up inside the Comunidad Redentor (Redeemer Community) church in the city of San Lorenzo, protesting Gov. Omar Perotti’s ban on church gatherings of 10 people or more, La Capital reports.

“We are standing here today dressed like this, carrying a tray, because it seems this is the only way we can serve the word of God,” Daniel Cattaneo, senior pastor, said as he opened the “worship bar” last Wednesday.

The day also marked the church’s 75th year as a congregation.

“We want to exercise our constitutional right to practice our faith,” Cattaneo told local media. “Bars can open, shops can open, why are they discriminating against us?”

…Federico Picchio, a member of the church, tweeted at The Guardian: “We are fighting against an authoritarian and corrupt government that’s limiting our religious freedom every day…” —FoxNews

If anyone gives them grief over it, the defense should be obvious. From the earliest of Christian traditions, going right back to Acts chapter 6, Deacons have been leaders in the church. Deacons, as many of you already know, translates to ‘waiters’, for the role they played in the early church.

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