Food Tampering: Three Cops Hospitalized After Drinking Tainted Shakes From Fast Food Joint

Written by Wes Walker on June 16, 2020

Activists, Democrats, and Media have been pounding on the wedge between civilian and law enforcement. Acts of violence like this were entirely predictable.

If someone honestly believed that our law enforcement were the moral equivalent of Germany’s SS officers, it would be a short logical leap to consider any hostile act against them the equivalent of the French Resistance.

But the real world we live in — however imperfect — looks nothing like that.

Oh, sure… media desperate to build ad revenue or spin a narrative (the NYT decided on hitting Trump with a ‘racism’ narrative last year if you recall) will squeeze every incident down to the last divisive drop. They will proclaim that America is irretrievably racist, that cops are killing young black men for sport.

And they will wring their hands when Baltimore doesn’t have enough cops to keep their communities safe. Or when they hear about a cop ambushed and shot to death by some criminal lowlife. Do they ever stop and ask if they’ve helped pour gas on the flames?

We just saw another malicious act perpetrated against law enforcement… one that sent 3 officers to the hospital.

It looks like someone at a Shake Shack poured BLEACH in their milkshakes.

This is getting out of hand. Has nobody done the math here? If cops get tired of being on the receiving end of this crap, they’ll just quit their jobs in large numbers. And there won’t be enough left to perform proper law enforcement duties.

Has anyone seen ‘The Purge’? We got a little taste of that over the last few weeks, didn’t we?

How would we feel about that being the new normal?

That’s exactly the corner the anarchists are tying to box us into. They don’t have to DEFUND the police if they can destabilze the country by driving them all out of law enforcement by a hostile population.

We’re being played, folks. It’s time to wake up before we get too far down this road to come back.

***UPDATE: June 16, 9:15 AM (Eastern)

It appears that the toxic substance was a cleaning solution and found its way into the drinks accidentally. It appears that an improperly cleaned milkshake machine is to blame.

Still, this is a problem.