SEATTLE: Activist Answers KEY Questions Other Reporters Were Too Gutless To Ask (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on June 19, 2020

We get all kinds of platitudes from high-ranking officials about how peaceful these protesters are. But they are gathered for a reason, and if we misread what their true goal is, things could spin out of control pretty quickly.

Is this a protest about George Floyd? Not exactly. His death was the match that lit the fire, but their issues and goals are bigger than that.

Is it just some Summer Of Love festival environment, where another generation is rebooting the nostalgia Woodstock? No, that’s not what this is about. Not even close.

This is a group that has been conditioned to hate the American system, to think it is Evil Personified. They believe it has been designed and calibrated specifically to ensure the financial or failure of people that look just like them.

Every story that fits neatly within that narrative they hear magnified day by day.

Police and justice are ‘systemically racist’, they tell us. The President is ‘literally Hitler’. Republicans are racist. Movies are racist. Corporations are racist. The Covington kids ‘smirking’ was ‘racist’. Poverty is racist. Health care is racist. Songs are racist. Even the freaking virus is ‘racist’ and brown people are dying because of it. That’s the media soundtrack playing in the background of our lives all day long… and it never goes away.

The New York Times is publishing a 1619 project that is reframing every aspect of US history through a ‘that’s racist’ lens… despite the protests of actual historians. Now school curriculums will be adopting it.

We hear every day in the news and other media about how horribly racist white people are.

If you were an ethnic minority and believed half of what they are telling you, how would you feel about your country?

Sadly, this poison has had a predictable effect.

As yourself if this chick has a ‘Woodstock’ vibe to her, or if she sounds as serious as a heart attack.

“I’m not here to peacefully protest. I’m here to disrupt until my demands are met.”

“You cannot rebuild until you break it all the way down.”

“Respond to the demands of the people, or prepare to be met with any means necessary.”

Is that a threat? A warning? Nope. She’s just making clear the rest of us understand what the next step is.

She said it herself. She’s not here to ‘protest’. She’s here to make demands of compliance.

No police. (No, that isn’t to be understood euphemistically. She wants all cops to turn in their badges.) No prisons. No legal system as we currently know it.

Knock it down, and let these people figure out what to build next as the rest of us sift through the ashes of more than a thousand years of jurisprudence.


This isn’t a protest. This is a hostage-taking.

She’s not there sounding like some bong-smoking philosopher. She sounds intelligent, determined, and prepared to make a stand. Whether or not she’s indoctrinated with flawed ideas isn’t even the point right now. She is part of a group that has seized the political initiative and is entrenching themselves, while politicians are whistling past the graveyard.

If you cannot diagnose the problem you are dealing with, any proposed remedy is doomed to fail.

The Mayor and Governor are either ignorant, gutless, or complicit in what is shaping up to be very real, and very deeply financed attempt at an actual revolutionary toppling of our government.

And all of the Democrats who have proudly worn their little #Resistance labels, will have themselves a HELL of a lot of explaining to do to posterity if we fail to reign it in.

We’ve all seen the dishonest games the left have played with the power they’re entrusted with, they’re obviously unworthy of that trust.

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