Spurned Loser Tries To Bomb ‘Hot Cheerleaders’… Blows Off Own Hand Instead

Written by Wes Walker on June 12, 2020

People like to kick the word ‘Incel’ around, but this time, the term actually applies.

Cole Carini, 23-year-old from Virginia, referenced Elliott Rogers, the moronic hero of ‘Incel’ losers who would rather rage at women who spurn them than make anything productive of themselves to attract them. Rogers attacked a sorority and then killed himself with a boo-hoo document telling the world what a failure he was.

Now the loser has spawned copycats.

A southwest Virginia man who blew off his hand in an apparent explosives accident has been charged in federal court after authorities say they found evidence he was making a bomb and wanted to target “hot cheerleaders” because of his sexual frustrations.

An FBI affidavit filed Friday in federal court in Abingdon says 23-year-old Cole Carini of Richlands showed up at a hospital Wednesday with one hand blown off, fingers blown off his second and other shrapnel wounds.

He told authorities he’d been in a lawnmower accident. But authorities searched his property and found explosives materials, rusty nails, pipes and pieces of flesh. They also found parts of a scorched letter that referenced tension “as he now approached the stage of hot cheerleaders” and “I will not be afraid of the consequences no matter what I will be heroic I will make a statement like Elliott Rodgers.” — Fox 6 Now

Heroic? Hardly.

Nope. All he’s done is to telegraph to the world that he’s not just a loser, but a selfish, stupid nihilist with violent urges, too.

He’s blown off one hand and a couple of fingers on top of everything else.

If he’s got enough fingers left to turn the pages, he could use a kick in the ass to correct his broken thinking. This book would be a good start and might have completely changed his life if he’s had it sooner.

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