Tensions Run High In Atlanta Over Lethal Use Of Force Incident — Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on June 14, 2020

Rayshard Brooks, 27, is at the center of anther racially-charged use of force incident on Friday night in Atlanta.

We have already seen a massive, hours-long shutdown of the Interstate, the resignation of a Police Chief, a Mayor calling for the heads of officers involved, and rioters burning down a Wendy’s.

Here’s what happened:

The Antecedant
The driver of a vehicle in a Wendy’s drive-thru had fallen asleep. Police were called to respond. The driver failed a sobriety test.

The Incident

In the process of arresting him, Rayshard is on video attacking the arresting officers, fists flying. He overpowered them one the ground, stripped one officer of his taser, and fled.

While fleeing, police, he was seen to have turned back towards the cops in pursuit with something, possibly the taser, in his hand, posing what the police behind him perceived as a threat. That was the point at which lethal force was applied, with 3 shots being fired.

The Fallout

On Saturday, the following day, Atlanta came to grips with what happened, and everything hit the fan.

The Mayor called for the officers involved to be fired, without giving them the benefit of an investigation, first. And the police chief resigned…

The crowds got big, and restless…

Some chick chucked a Molotov into the Wendy’s where it happened as though it were somehow the fast-food place’s fault that the police and Brooks tangled. The Wendy’s burned to the ground.

(Because race is considered such a mitigating factor in these scenarios: the cops were white, the dead guy was black, and the chick with the Molotov was white.)

And whaddayaknow. They’ve already canned him. That was pretty quick.

The other guy is now on administrative leave.