TOPPLING THE FOUNDERS: ‘Protesters’ Tear Down George Washington Statue And Burn American Flags

Written by K. Walker on June 19, 2020

Back in 2017, President Trump said that the tearing down of Confederate statues would lead to tearing down statues of the Founders. He was right.

Portland, the bastion of leftism, is paving the way for the “New Woke Order”–anything that is deemed offensive will be destroyed.

Earlier this week, militant activists tore down a statue of one of the Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson in front of a school named for him.

ClashDaily covered that here, including the video where Trump warned of this very thing:

TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Leftists Topple Thomas Jefferson Statue In Portland (VIDEO)

Jefferson’s sin was that he was a slave owner. His views on slavery were complex because he opposed it but still profited from it.

Jefferson had been working to abolish slavery from the earliest days of the country. In 1778, he drafted a law prohibiting the importation of enslaved Africans to Virginia. He also wrote, “I am not advocating slavery. I am not justifying the wrongs we have committed on a foreign people, by the example of another nation committing equal wrongs on their own subjects. On the contrary there is nothing I would not sacrifice to a practicable plan of abolishing every vestige of this moral and political depravity.”

It’s the same with George Washington. Although he also owned slaves, he began questioning the practice during the Revolutionary War. There is not a man living who wishes more sincerely than I do, to see a plan adopted for this abolition of [slavery] but there is only one proper and effectual mode by which it can be accomplished, & that is by Legislative authority,” wrote Washington in 1786. When he drafted his will, he included a provision that would free all of the slaves that he owned outright.

The Enlightenment era in which both men lived focused on individual liberty and both men realized that their views on freedom didn’t square with the practice of slavery. Both opposed it but didn’t quite know how to go about abolishing the barbaric and dehumanizing practice while still maintaining national unity.

That’s a complex issue, and to simpletons, complexity is incomprehensible.

These ahistorical asshats toppling statues believe it’s best to just make snap judgments and swallow wholesale the assertions put forward in The 1619 Project, the much-criticized, historically incorrect, Pulitzer-prize winning leftist agitprop published in the New York Times insisting that the United States was founded on racism and slavery.

On Thursday night, a bunch of rioters defaced the statue of our First President and burned American flags on top of it both before and after it was toppled.

These “protesters” are ahistorical dumbasses that haven’t bothered to read a book other than Howard Zinn’s The People’s History of the United States, the progressive public school’s favored text to foment hatred of your own country. It’s so awful because it’s so wrong, and it takes 5 minutes to debunk Zinn’s nonsense. 

These rioters that hate America’s Founders and America herself are products of the leftism rampant in the public education system.

If this isn’t a reason to homeschool your kids, I don’t know what is.

But it’s not just the public school system that is to blame.

The Media(D) had a hand in this, too.

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