‘Nooses’ In Trees Found To Be Swings, But Mayor Says ‘Intentions Don’t Matter’ Calls For Hate Crime Investigation (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on June 19, 2020

We are living in stupid times with stupid people in charge saying unbelievably stupid things.

A man admits that he climbed up trees in an Oakland, California park to hang ropes from the limbs in order to create improvised swings. They were hanging there for months but suddenly, people are outraged.

In our racially-charged times, people mistook the ropes for nooses and reported them.

One woman posted a video of the rope with the caption “A Noose At Lake Merritt.”

After the video was shared on Facebook the Oakland Police Department investigated the “noose” and found five ropes attached to trees in the area.

According to police, several community members reported that the ropes were used for exercise equipment. One person who claimed ownership of the ropes said he intentionally put the ropes in the trees “for exercise and games several months ago.”

“The Oakland Police Department and the City of Oakland recognize especially at this time, that any ropes on or attached to trees, limbs or other objects can be associated with hate crimes and racial violence,” police said in a statement. “As a Department and City, we understand the historical and harmful associations when ropes are hung from trees and how the impact can harm our communities. We remind and ask our community to be mindful when using this equipment in a recreational manner. These acts may send an unintended message. The Oakland Police Department and the City of Oakland take all allegations of hate crimes seriously. The Department is conducting a full and thorough investigation of this incident.”
Source: NBC Bay Area

In a press conference, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf says “we should start with the assumption that these are hate crimes” and that the ropes were “symbols of racial violence” and it should be investigated because “intentions don’t matter.”

Intentions actually do matter when determining whether or not something is a “hate crime.” That is quite literally what we’ve been told by the advocates of “hate crime” laws–it’s not just that an act is illegal, it’s that the intention behind it was to foment hate.

It looks like the Mayor of Oakland hates exercise.

Or fun.

Locals have decided to patrol the area to make sure that more “hate crimes” don’t occur.

Watch the local hysteria:

Oh, and here’s the man that said that he was the one that put the ropes in the trees months ago.

Well, that guy looks like a real big anti-black racist, doesn’t he?

So, white nationalism is a big problem in Oakland, is it? I never would have guessed that.

Yet, leftists are still insisting on investigating this as a “hate crime.” These people also probably thought that Jussie Smollett was subjected to a “hate crime” in the middle of the night in Chicago during the polar vortex, right?

Oh, leftists! You’re all such cards!

Still, Mayor Libby Schaaf should be noted for her spectacular stupidity in this instance.

It’s time to honor her with a song:


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