WATCH: Journo Hits White Cop With Gotcha Question — He Takes Them To Truthtown

Written by Wes Walker on June 3, 2020

They were hoping to ‘out’ him as insensitive and failing people in how he did his job. He blasted them for how they did theirs.

The message he gave them is as relevant today as it is when he first said it.

A white cop from Milwaukee has no effs left to give for these hit-piece journalists, looking for a soundbite to inflame racial tensions even further. This clip is an older one, which only serves to prove — nothing has changed.

It’s almost like they NEED white cops to be uniformly the ‘bad guy’ in their story.

This cop reminds them that not only are there good cops that really DO care about who has been hurting in this community… but they also care about the victims that DON’T make the national news.

Did HER story make national news? Were people protesting in HER name? Of course not. She doesn’t have a powerful movement leveraging her story for their own purposes. In case you haven’t noticed, there is no politicized popular mass movement to stop drive-by shootings.

We can’t even say for certain when this clip was recorded, or to which of a couple of possible incidents he could be referring.

Conflict between police and a particular segment of our population is the story the activists want us to talk about — and there are real issues there that need resolving. But only an idiot would believe it’s the WHOLE story.

And this cop: the cop they tried to shame for looking at his phone; the one who obviously gives a damn about who is REALLY bearing the brunt of the suffering in neighborhoods on his beat; would likely take the brunt of a rioter’s rage like so many others for no greater ‘crime’ than the uniform he wears.

We’ve seen neighborhoods burn. We know what a city looks like when law and order breaks down, when there is no longer any restraining influence to keep the strong from abusing the weak, or the many from abusing the few.

Men (and women) like this good cop keep us from descending into chaos like some parts of the world run by the whims of local warlords instead of any uniform law and order.