WATCH: Russian Soldiers Bring A Bad@ass Toy In Creative Solution To Burning Siberian Oil Well

Written by Wes Walker on June 9, 2020

You’ve heard of ‘fighting fire with fire’?

This is a next-level version of that idea.

Oil well fires are seriously hard-core. Putting them out isn’t as simple as pouring water on them. So, what do you do about it, when letting it burn forever simply isn’t an option?

In Russia, you turn to the army, and they pull out their toybox.

Russia said on Monday it had successfully put out a fire at a Siberian oil well after officials called in the military to shoot anti-tank artillery shells at the wellhead from a distance in order to quell the flames.

The well in Siberia’s Irkutsk region, operated by a subsidiary of the Irkutsk Oil Company, caught fire on May 30 and authorities called in the army on Friday.

Soldiers flew in an MT-12 Rapira anti-tank weapon to the remote site in Siberia and, working at night, fired rounds at the wellhead from 180 metres away in order to break it from the well, the Russian Defence Ministry said.

“This helped set up the blowout prevention equipment to then seal the well and put out the fire,” it said in a statement circulated along with footage of the operation. — Reuters

That’s pretty badass.

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