What The HELL Does A Stevie Ray Vaughn Statue Have To Do With Your Protests?

Written by Wes Walker on June 23, 2020

Keep it up guys, this is the kind of asinine stunt that will even turn your supporters against you.

These ‘peaceful protesters’ have been turned loose on America for a couple of weeks now. They want us to perceive them as righters of wrongs wiping away the horrors of past inequality. Breaking the chains of oppression. Sticking it to the man.

But you’re not. Not really.

Abolitionists who called for an end to the slave trade? Their statues have been desecrated. A monument to Black soldiers who helped defeat the Confederacy? Desecrated. Even a Catholic saint who was an advocate for fair treatment the Native Indians in his sphere of influence had his statue torn down.

No. This is indiscriminate hatred and attacks on any expression of culture to which you have no personal stake. It’s little different from the days of antiquity when an invading army would finally crack open a besieged city, and the invading army would vent their rage upon it, looting, burning and defacing whatever they could get their hands upon.

How else do you explain Stevie Ray Vaughn being swept up in the attack? Was he a slave-owner? A Confederate General?

No. He was a damn fine blues guitarist who died all the way back in 1990. Somehow, he was swept up in this madness.

Can we this be a reality check, people?

This is a Representative Republic. If you want a statue gone, sign a petition. Get a movement going, and do it the right way. People might agree or not, but at lest they will get a say.

Because if you make political change dependant upon a show of force, you have just demanded tyranny. It will take shows of force on the part of the state to stamp them down and retore order.

The parts of the world where such things are normalized are NOT places idealized for human thriving. The Smooth Transition of Power, and the orderly process of petitioning a government has created a stable government and the Peace Dividend we all have been taking for granted living in this great nation of ours.

Let’s not waste it over a petty desire to hurt people and break things, shall we?