WTF? Public Health And Disease ‘Experts’ Support Anti-Racism Protests Despite COVID Fears

Written by K. Walker on June 3, 2020

These are the same people that pushed the endless lockdowns.

Two weeks ago, you couldn’t get a haircut in most places and now we’re seeing thousands in the streets.

I’m old enough to remember how the patriots who protested the lockdowns in Michigan were lectured that they were going to cause a deadly spread of the virus.

But now that tens of thousands of people are gathering to protest the death of George Floyd, concern over the spread of the virus has taken a backseat to a social issue.

Many Public Health experts have deemed that racism and “white supremacy” is a “lethal public health issue that predates and contributes to COVID-19.”

I’m sorry… how does that work, exactly?

The virus is spread by white supremacy now?

That seems sciencey.

Clearly, this isn’t about public health. They’re condemning people that protested because they wanted to go back to work, said kids can’t go back to school, and we had to shut down everything with no sense of when we can return to even a semblance of normal, but large-scale protests are just fine with public health experts?

Let me get this straight…state and local governments came down hard on:

…but rioting is now hunky-dory?

It appears so.

NPR reports:

Mass protests that have erupted over police brutality toward black people in America are raising concerns about the risk of spreading the coronavirus. But some health experts, even as they urge caution, said they support the demonstrations — because racism also poses a dire health threat.

Tens of thousands of people, masked and unmasked, have thronged the streets of Minneapolis, Atlanta, Louisville, Ky., and other cities in the week since George Floyd died after a white Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck. They are the largest public gatherings in the U.S. since the pandemic forced widespread shutdowns, and many local officials warned of a possible spike in new cases in one or two weeks.

“Risk of transmission is lower in open spaces, but wherever there is a gathering there is still the risk of transmitting the virus,” said Dr. Elaine Nsoesie, an assistant professor of global health at Boston University.

It’s good to know that we can go to the parks again. Someone tell those parents that were handcuffed in front of their kids for doing just that back in April.

Remember when they said that if you want to go back to work you’re “killing grandma”?

These “public health experts” are warning that you should wear a mask to protest, keep in mind social distancing guidelines, and don’t chant or yell.

Health experts urged protesters not to sing and shout to reduce the threat of person-to-person transmission. And they cautioned that police tactics such as tear gas and pepper spray could exacerbate the situation by prompting people to cough and gasp for air.

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene issued a list of tips for demonstrators to lower their risk of contracting COVID-19, such as covering their faces and staying in small groups.

“Don’t yell; use signs & noise makers instead,” the department advised.

Source: NPR

Canada’s Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Theresa Tam who flip-flopped on mask use, insisted that closing borders won’t stop a virus, and repeatedly said, “Stay home, save lives” in just about every appearance on television, agrees that large-scale protests are just fine as long as you don’t yell.

This doctor is even out there wearing his scrubs and lab coat in the middle of a large protest in Baltimore. But no worries, he’s wearing a mask.

Note how the journalist not wearing gloves touches the doctor’s back. Maybe it’s me, but these people don’t seem to be 6 feet apart. Also, is that… chanting and yelling that I hear?

He’s not the only one…

This is nuts.

Public health experts admit that there may be a spike in COVID cases due to the protests/riots but that’s a risk that is acceptable. What they’re saying is that it’s worthwhile to “fight injustice,” but it’s selfish to want to not watch your business be destroyed and have your family destitute.

All this NPR article has done is reinforce the idea that our “public health experts” are just as politicized as our media.

It makes it hard to trust them once that proverbial mask has been ripped off.

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