WTF? Tim Kaine Says That The United States Created Slavery (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on June 18, 2020

You think Biden is bad? This idiot was in line to be Hillary’s Veep. Now he’s just the former future Vice President.

It really is a good thing he didn’t get the job. With racial tensions getting fanned to fever pitch, can you imagine how badly this idiot could have mishandled the situation?

Tim doesn’t have Clue One about the basics of American history, and he seems Hellbent on making sure the world knows it. Here he is waxing philosophical on the problem and origin of slavery.

He picks up the debunked thesis of the New York Times’s historically malfeasant (but Pulitzer Prize-winning) 1619 project and runs with it. Because he’s a good little idealogue, never missing a chance to push his preferred narrative.

This time, he painted a grim picture of what the casual listener would conclude was America’s leading role in defining the slavery of the day.

Slaves were captured against their will, he says, and then brought here, were we created a system of laws governing slavery. That was 1619, the key thesis of the New York Times’ latest America-Is-Bad campaign.

What’s wrong with that assertion? Quite a bit. A quick glance at this timeline reminds us that slavery is by no means a recent complication of the human condition.

Anyone familiar with history will know that the Caesars of ancient Rome filled their coffers with the proceeds of captured slaves, or that Aesop, of Aesop’s Fables fame, was held as a slave? Or that the children of European Christians were taken, raised by Muslims, forced to convert and trained to fight as fanatical soldiers, often against other Christian nations? We might also note that the famous song ‘let my people go’ was about ANOTHER group of historical slaves several thousands of years earlier.

In other words, slavery is hardly a new practice. China has had some form of slavery throughout almost all of its history.

But what about THAT incident in 1619?

In late August 1619, the White Lion, an English privateer commanded by John Jope, sailed into Point Comfort and dropped anchor in the James River. Virginia colonist John Rolfe documented the arrival of the ship and “20 and odd” Africans on board. (…)

It is believed the first Africans brought to the colony of Virginia, 400 years ago this month, were Kimbundu-speaking peoples from the kingdom of Ndongo, located in part of present-day Angola. Slave traders forced the captives to march several hundred miles to the coast to board the San Juan Bautista, one of at least 36 transatlantic Portuguese and Spanish slave ships.

The ship embarked with about 350 Africans on board, but hunger and disease took a swift toll. En route, about 150 captives died. Then, when the San Juan Bautista approached what is now Veracruz, Mexico in the summer of 1619, it encountered two ships, the White Lion and another English privateer, the Treasurer. The crews stormed the vulnerable slave ship and seized 50 to 60 of the remaining Africans. After, the pair sailed for Virginia. —History

What do we see here?

We see that English Privateers (lawful Pirates operating with the blessing of one country’s Crown) attacked the San Juan Bautista. As is the case with Privateers, the winner gets to keep the cargo of the captured ship. But the cargo here was slaves.

This means there were ALREADY slaves in the New World.

In August 1518, more than 100 years before the White Lion captured the San Juan Baptista, Spain had already authorized slaves to be traded directly from Western Africa to the New World. Obviously, slave trading was already practiced by this point. European slave ships had been acquiring slaves from slave traders in Africa.

So we already see a few lies in Tim’s story.

The crew of the White Lion did not pluck unsuspecting men out their beds in some kind of a midnight raid so they could be sold for profit. The crew of the White Lion probably had no idea what cargo, if any, they were going to seize with the ship. Sugar or tobacco were just as likely, and probably just as profitable.

The English colony didn’t CREATE slavery, they found themselves grappling with a practice that was already established both in the Old World and in some of the Colonies. These men arrived with a status of slaves and Europeans who were already steeped in a class system were called upon to make a ruling about what to do with such men.

Sure, a more ‘enlightened’ mind or time would have called for their freedom, and such a decision would have changed history, but by no means did they invent new laws, they just did what Democrats themselves tell us to do today… they follow the trendline set by other world leaders.

These men were viewed as ‘property’. Slavery was already in practice in various places around the world, they made a decision in line with what, in other circumstances, Leftist would insist was ‘standard practice’ around the world.

If Tim were honest…

If Tim were honest, he wouldn’t skip ahead 400 years without acknowledging his own party’s role in slavery, Succession, the KKK and Jim Crowe. But of course his goal was not to make DEMOCRATS look bad, just America.

Here’s some of the social media blowback he’s getting…