ERICKSON: I Got Your White Privilege Right Here…

Written by Allan Erickson on June 18, 2020

As a white man in America, I’m privileged. It’s true. I have the daily privilege of being lumped together with all white people, all of us characterized racist by radical leftist, aka Democrats.

I’m ‘privileged’ to be:

  • Accused of looking down on women and abusing them
  • Labeled a greedy capitalist pig
  • Blamed for poverty in the Third World
  • Called a nationalist Nazi
  • Held responsible for global environmental degradation
  • Castigated and called a homophobe
  • Characterized fascist for upholding the rule of law
  • Condemned for micro-aggression against people of color
  • Held up as an object of scorn for being a Christian
  • Roasted for adhering to Biblical marriage
  • Eviscerated for opposing abortion
  • Convicted for opposing illegal immigration
  • Hated for the sin of slavery
  • Dehumanized across the board and subject to certain calls to eradicate white people

Living day-to-day in a hail storm accusations will either crush you, or make you stronger. To ignore what is happening is to surrender. To fight back with hate and the same level of dishonesty is self-defeating. The best way to cope is to pray and realize the battle is not against human beings but against spiritual wickedness. It is also helpful to ask for God’s vision in order to see more clearly. And it is very useful to count blessings. So please allow me to recount my privileges in a different way. They are blessings available to anyone, regards of race, creed, color, religion or national origin:

I’m privileged to be:

  • An American citizen, blessed with life, liberty and the ability to pursue happiness
  • A man who inherited freedom from brave people who died to establish liberty and preserve it
  • Living in a country where opportunities abound, even in hard times
  • The son of patriotic parents who taught me never to discriminate against anyone
  • Surrounded by good neighbors, coast to coast
  • A child of God, made in His image, endowed with unalienable rights, loved for all eternity
  • Free to work as I please, associate with others as I please, and help others as I’m led
  • Influenced by new ideas and connected to others who also wish to grow and improve
  • A person of faith, faith that withstands all attacks from all quarters at all times in all places
  • The husband of a wonderful woman and father to loving, excellent children
  • A man set free from the wages of sin
  • A man set free from resentment, envy, anger, fear and complaint
  • Alive and filled with hope
  • Part of the solution instead of a huge part of the problem
  • What I am, thanks to God, and the good influences of other people
Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.