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Big Government is Alien and Inhumane

Our electronic devices are a window to the world, but the world is bigger than what we’re shown on our phones. There are more things going on than we can learn from a few headlines or even a simple graph. Recently, we were told that the “Number of Coronavirus Cases is Increasing.” We were never told the truth that the death rate from covid 19 is a fraction of what we saw at its peak in April. We were not told the truth that our hospitals have capacity to handle new covid cases in addition to the regular patients the hospital would see on an ordinary day. We’ve been enticed by the scary headline rather than informed, but the headline worked. The media got the clicks they needed, and the politicians used our fear to achieve their political goals. Unfortunately, the news isn’t showing us the ugly side of big-government directives during the quarantine.

Sitting at home for another month of quarantine, watching online entertainment,
and ordering takeout isn’t how most of us can live.

Another month of carry-out quarantine isn’t a big deal if you’re the top 1-percent living in the USA. It isn’t a big hardship if your government job pays you to stay home. In contrast, millions of us are out of work. That is a big deal for most of us. When we look across the USA, over a hundred million adults don’t have a month’s worth of expenses saved in the bank. That means we quickly don’t have a place to live. We don’t have money to put gas in the tank to get to a job interview.. when there is work to be had.

Covid death rate is USA up to 29 July, 2020

We don’t want to, but some of us were ordered to stay home. We flattened the curve. We were told that we’re all in this together, but that isn’t true. Welfare checks can never fill the gap between our old jobs and their new quarantine.

The politicians and bureaucrats didn’t think of that.. or they didn’t care.

There is something worse that the media won’t show us. We have old people who have been isolated by the quarantine. Many of them need daily care to survive. They might be cared for by relatives or cared for by paid staff in a nursing home. A few of the elderly are dying of Covid, but many more are dying from the other diseases that claim the elderly day in and day out. Too often, these senior citizens are dying alone. They don’t understand why their family isn’t there to comfort them, and families are denied that choice by government edict. Politicians promised that we’d save lives, not that they’d leave people to die alone.

Leaving the elderly to die alone probably wasn’t a consideration when some US governors and bureaucrats issued their quarantine plans.

Look beyond our borders. When we look at the world, over a billion of us don’t have reliable electricity. Stay at home orders don’t make sense when you have to go out get water for your family every day. Not having electricity means you don’t have refrigeration and a reliable way to store food for your family. Those stay at home orders are not enforceable when people have to go out every day to get food and fuel. International agencies promised millions of dollars to third world dictators if their country would impose lockdowns on their people. Starving in place might be a fault, but it could have been a feature of those plans.

Politicians and international bureaucrats never weigh the plight of people in different circumstances than their own.

The so called Covid epidemic of 2020 has been a disaster that was built from the top down. The current death rate in the USA from Covid-19 is higher than in countries like Sweden that never instituted a quarantine. The legacy media needed headlines to boost their falling ratings. Socialist politicians needed a failing economy to stay in the news. In contrast, the people of the world needed to be left alone to sort out their own affairs. We were doing pretty well before the media propped up the dictators abroad..and at home.

Once news of the epidemic hit the papers, the politicians were afraid of accusing headlines in the media. It was trivially easy to blame the orange-man for people dying in New York City nursing homes. Too many of us were easily infected by sensational journalism on the tube and in our social media. Fortunately, we can inoculate ourselves and our families. We have to build herd immunity to lies.

Journalists and politicians can lie, but they can’t survive if they are ignored. The good news is that we know far more than they do. The real world is at our fingertips, at least until Chinese-style censorship is accepted in the USA. We need to make the media afraid of the consumers, and the politicians afraid of the voters.

Now that we look at our history, we’ve done those things before. We can, and must, do it again.

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Rob Morse

Rob Morse works and writes in Southwest Louisiana. He writes at Ammoland, at his Slowfacts blog, and here at Clash Daily. Rob co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast, and hosts the Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast each week.

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