EPIC: Young Woman Spits FIRE After ‘Black In America’ Dig About Her Trump Support

Written by Wes Walker on July 30, 2020

This is one young woman who is going to be unstoppable in life! She never drank the anti-America Koolaid and so she isn’t blind to just how rich the opportunities are for those who pursue them.

Someone made the mistake of criticizing this young woman by invoking the ‘black in America’ line to suggest she is oppressed.

That was a mistake.

Faith — great name, by the way — has a very personal reason to say that America is NOT the oppressive hellhole the media, and other leftists, want us to believe it to be.

In fact, it’s a great place that rewards hard work and dedication. Like her mom’s.

Her mom had a ‘hard luck’ story but she did NOT let it define her.

She COULD have thrown in the towel and complained that life is hard and the system is rigged. But she refused to do so. Her mom faced her obstacles head-on, put in the work, and rose above them.

This is one HELL of a story.

This is precisely the kind of Make America Great stories that Trump built his campaign on.

This is precisely the reason that Faith sees America as a place of opportunity rather than oppression.

This is precisely the message the Victim-mentality-driven Left will do their damnedest to silence.

She is not a victim.

She is an American.

And PROUD of it!

God bless Faith…

God bless her parents who raised her well…

And God Bless the USA.