Blistering Criticism Of AG’s Report Claims It ‘Would Remake NYPD In George Soros’ Image’

Written by Wes Walker on July 13, 2020

And do we really need to explain what kind of a dystopian world SOROS dreams about at night?

It’s looking more and more like he’s trying to deliberately tank the country so that he can refashion the whole thing to his own, persona, ultra-leftist expectations.

One that is thoroughly corruptible and susceptible to the whims of a gazillionaire powerbroker who has amassed a fortune so large that he now cares more about power than he does about money.

Essentially, he is trying to make the real world look something like Gotham City from the Batman movies. He himself would be playing a role more akin to Kingpin.

Soros has been quietly backing politicians and elected officials of his own stripe, trying to stack the deck in his favor.

AG Letitia James rose to her position with the backing of Soros money, as mentioned here:

New York Attorney General Letitia James, elected with Soros’s backing has been leading a jihad against the National Rifle Association – which she promised during her campaign to “take down” if elected. These and other cases should serve as a warning to voters: allowing such candidates into office is dangerous both to the rule-of-law and to those who dare disagree with the “progressive” agenda.

She has been looking for a role to play in ‘the resistance’ against Trump from before the moment she officially took office.

As she assumes the office of state attorney general, James has put President Donald Trump on notice: she’ll pursue every legal avenue to investigate him and his financial dealings.

“We’re going to continue to look at his business transactions and his holdings here in the state of New York,” James told NY1 in a recent interview. —Spectrum Local News

So, like most of Soros’s devotees, she is fiercely partisan. And that story was from December 2018. Fast forward to 2020. New York was on fire due to BLM-related riots. Historical shops were brazenly looted with the world watching. And City Hall was occupied by a tent city of protesters.

The report is still in its preliminary stages, but she’s already making sweeping announcements about changes that must be made.

Can you guess what they are?

Daily Caller’s Bob Barr breaks down the report, and the first thing he notices was the bias involving a positive view of the ‘peaceful protesters’ and a jaundiced view of the NYPD.

At its core, this report is designed to support pre-conceived changes to the NYPD, premised on obvious disdain for the department as it currently exists.

The report punches all the right rhetorical buttons. The attorney general states that the office hopes to “reimagine” the role of the city’s police force, and thereby to “rebuild” the “trust” between it and the people of New York that the NYPD itself has destroyed. The report talks grandiosely of how its recommendations will, if implemented, fundamentally “redesign public safety and the role of police in society.”

The wording throughout the report reveals its bias in favor of the protesters and against the police. References to actions by the protesters are prefaced with the term “allegedly;” responsive actions by the police are not similarly modified. Even when the report notes that police were subject to having objects thrown at them (everything from frozen plastic bottles of water to glass bottles and bricks), they are not deemed to have “responded” against the violence aimed at them with pepper spray and batons, but rather that they “retaliated” against the “peaceful protestors.”

Descriptions of police responses and mob violence are lumped together as “violence by protesters and police,” with no distinction between the two groups or the appropriateness of their actions. —DailyCaller

Pair this with the revolving door we see on folks set free as they await their court dates and you have a recipe for a return to the levels of lawlessness not seen in NYC for many of our readers’ living memory… taking us back to the 70s and 80s ‘Escape From New York’ scenario.

And what do you suppose will happen to businesses (and all of their tax revenues) when crime spikes and we see New York devolve back to the rampant crime of yesteryear?

These Soros clones know the prize they are shooting for; just don’t assume it has anything in common with the best interests of ‘We The People’.

To them, this is power politics played on a global chessboard, nothing more.

The rest of us are just pawns to be sacrificed.