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Charred Body Found In Burned Down Minneapolis Pawn Shop During George Floyd Protests

Nearly two months after the Max It Pawn shop was torched in Minneapolis, investigators found a burned body inside.

Minneapolis Police Department’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and the state fire marshal’s division were acting on a tip when they found the body in the remains of the Pawn shop.

Minneapolis Police spokesperson John Elder spoke to the Minneapolis Star Tribune about the discovery.

“The body appears to have suffered thermal injury and we do have somebody charged with setting fire to that place,” said Elder, adding that city homicide detectives had taken over the investigation. He said that the victim’s identity would be released by medical examiners after an autopsy is completed, along with the precise cause and manner of death…

…Details about the circumstances and timeline of the case remained hazy Monday, but a police news release suggested that the man died in the blaze that destroyed the building on May 28.

Max it Pawn was one of several casualties of the George Floyd protests which quickly spiraled into lawlessness and chaos. Stores were looted and several buildings were set on fire, including a low-income housing development. 

The pawnshop is located just a few blocks east of the Third Precinct which was also set on fire that night.

The aftermath of the protests looked like a war zone.

A local NBC station in Minneapolis, KARE 11, covered the arrests of several people accused of arson during the protests here:


On June 16, 25-year old Montez Terrill Lee was charged with arson after several video clips were provided to ATF investigators.

According to the criminal complaint against Lee, ATF investigators received video from an anonymous source of an arson that occurred at the pawnshop. In the first clip, a masked man, later identified as Lee, is seen pouring liquid from a metal container throughout the pawnshop. A second video shows Lee standing in front of the burning pawnshop saying “[Expletive] this place. We’re gonna burn this [expletive] down.”

Ashlee Sherrill, a spokesperson for the ATF, said that she couldn’t comment on what remained an open case. The agency has opened dozens of arson investigations into incidents that occurred during the unrest.

“The ATF is continuing to work these arson investigations across the Twin Cities and following up on these leads as they become available,” she said.

Source: Star Tribune

Things could look very, very bad for Lee if it’s determined that the unidentified man died as a result of the fire.

Do you remember when the author of the New York Times’ 1619 Project, Pulitzer Prize winner, Nikole Hannah-Jones said, “destroying property which can be replaced is not violence”?

Apparently it’s not so simple, eh Nikole? It looks like a life may have been lost in the destruction of property.

But it wasn’t just the fringe leftists over at the New York Times spouting this nonsense. The Governor of New York’s brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo also asked where it said that protests should be peaceful.

Of course, that gave us this spectacular moment with Ramen Guy.

Ramen Guy 1, Chris Cuomo/Nikole Hannah-Jones 0.

What has been the death toll since these protests began? The Daily Caller lists 23 individuals that have been killed during the protests since they began at the end of May, but their list was published on July 8.

This lawlessness cannot continue. Lives literally depend on it.

K. Walker

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