Hey Patriots: The Communist Chinese Are Boosting The Lincoln Project … Do You Care?

Written by Wes Walker on July 21, 2020

If a man can be known by his friends, these guys are total dirtbags.

The Lincoln Project people love to smear Trump with disproven innuendo about being some sort of a Puppet of Russia’s Putin — despite members of their own ranks having been paid by Russians to lobby against sanctions. That’s awkward.

Almost as awkward as how much of their money goes to companies owned by their board.

These clowns frame themselves as the defenders of true conservative values against corrosive Trumpian forces. Oh, really? They’re fighting to unseat MODERATE Republicans and they’re actually funded by Democrats.

If they’re such staunch defenders of conservative values, why do the Communist Chinese love your anti-Trump propaganda pieces? The Communist-run Chinese media group gives glowing approval of their hamhanded work.

Launched in 2019 by a cohort of establishment, so-called “Republicans” dedicated to “defeating President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box,” the group is routinely praised by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) run media outlets such as China Global Television Network (CGTN) and China Daily.

Both outlets are registered as foreign agents in the U.S. under the same law designed to stop Nazi propaganda in the 1930s.

CGTN editor Ceng Jing dedicated an entire op-ed – “Lincoln Project and the Republicans for President Biden” – to chronicle the group, hailing it as “a leading voice in the online political crusade against Trump” and “gaining particular attraction in the anti-Trump camp.”

“Taken together, the one-minute clips are nothing short of a psychological warfare campaign, some laced with extremely personal messages aimed at provoking Trump’s deepest insecurities,” the piece continues. —NationalPulse

Isn’t it weird that the Lincoln Project is blasting Trump over Russia and China but have ties to the one and are being lauded by the other?

Chinese politicos don’t just appreciate the scorn being heaped on Trump (who has been a royal pain in their ass with his trade negotiations, his bluster, and his sanctions), but they have been making good use of their Coronavirus reporting to pass the buck.

They had been feeling the heat as global attention turns toward China for their reckless endangerment of the world through their silence.

The Lincoln Project has given them a way to deflect that negative attention.

CGTN also uses the Lincoln Project’s criticism of President Trump’s coronavirus response as part of the country’s broader campaign to deflect blame for spawning and spreading the virus, noting “the project puts the spotlight on Trump’s comments at the beginning of the pandemic in reaction to the delay in COVID-19 testing: “I don’t take responsibility at all.”

Another state-run media outlet, China Daily, has covered the Lincoln Project in its article “Former Bush Administration Officials Openly Backing Biden“:

The Lincoln Project, run by Republican strategists Steve Schmidt, John Weaver and Rick Wilson with the support of Republican lawyer George Conway, the husband of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway. The Lincoln Project has gotten attention for targeted political ads it created and aired only in Washington with the admitted goal of taunting the president.

The outlet’s European Bureau Chief and notorious Trump critic Chen Weihua frequently retweets the group on Twitter: —NationalPulse

Check out the rest of the article, there’s plenty of juicy stuff in there.

They’re going to defend the Republic with the help of the Communist Chinese. Sounds like a brilliant plan. Really.

But even so, you might want to get your meds checked, guys. The elevator doesn’t seem to be going all the way to that top floor.


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