CLASH POLL: Did A Reporter Just Call Kayleigh McEnany A ‘Lying B*tch’ Or Say ‘You Don’t Want To Engage’? (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on July 21, 2020

The White House Press briefings in the Trump era are always full of surprises.

We’ve seen journos beclown themselves as they ask the White House Press secretary if the President wished that the Confederacy had won the Civil War, politicized the President taking hydroxychloroquine, and focused on the Confederate flag rather than the increase in violence that included the deaths of 5 children.

It’s probably because they took an 8-year hiatus from actual journalism and forgot how to do it.

Today’s edition of stupid is brought to you by Kimberly Halkett, who is with Al Jazeera English. (Yes, I know.)

In a “hot mic” moment, it appears that Halkett may have called Kayleigh McEnany a naughty word after the White House Press Secretary didn’t want to take her third question.

One prominent Twitter account noted that this dropping of the B-word seems to be a pattern for Halkett.

Here is the audio isolated:

And here is Halkett’s response:

And now we’re in the 2020 White House Press Briefing version of the Laurel/Yanny debate.

Which one do you hear?


The White House Transcript has been released and it clarified what Halkett actually said.

Eddie Zipperer, a conservative pundit slowed down the audio and it’s a bit more clear:


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