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Hey Pelosi: The DOJ Just Indicted Two Chinese Nationals For Hacking COVID Research–Do You Care?

Any criticism of China’s role in the global pandemic they triggered is ‘racist’. Just ask any Democrat.

Remember how Democrats responded to Trump’s closure of air travel between here and China? They called it ‘racist’. Democrats made a point of walking through the Chinese districts of their city, or getting involved in cultural events like parades.

When Trump pointed out how China’s secrecy and medical malfeasance put the rest of the world at risk, the left and their media water-carriers redirected attention toward Trump, and loudly proclaimed that calling a virus after its point of origin is ‘hate speech’.

They lamented that such talk would endanger the safety of Chinese Americans. Meanwhile, the rest of us rolled our so hard we could just about see our own brains.

While Trump was sounding the alarms about China not being our friend, what was China doing?

Aside from their corrupt and dishonest dealings by having the World Health Organization amplify their lies and help them dodge responsibility, the Communist Chinese operatives were trying to steal our Coronavirus research.

It wasn’t bad enough that we are bearing the brunt of their incompetence or malfeasance by having our economy grind to a halt, and have them explicitly threaten our supply chains… including supply chains that would disrupt our medical studies.

Now they are caught trying to steal and profit off our research itself.

The US Department of Justice has indicted two Chinese nationals for hacking defence contractors and COVID-19 researchers, Reuters reported on Tuesday, citing a court filing.

According to the document, hackers allegedly worked for Chinese intelligence from 2014 to 2020 and stole intellectual property, weapon designs, drug information, cancer research and software source code.

There was no word on what connection, if any, they had to the spy that had been working as Senator Feinstein’s personal driver for years.

We didn’t all forget about THAT story already, did we?

And did we ever find out why DWS was so desperate to conceal the work of those foreign-born IT workers that were arrested? That was a pretty significant data breach. Why would she be so interested in running interference for them?

By all means, let’s elect Joe Biden. He’s the strong opposition to China that American interests need.

After all, he gave China access to our Stock Markets without the transparency required of ordinary companies… right around the same time that his son, Hunter, was signing up for a big-dollar financial arrangement with Chinese interests.

But don’t call him ‘quid-pro-Joe’. That offends his delicate sensibilities. And we all know that any Democrat quid pro quos are DEFINITELY an impeachable offense… just ask Pelosi and Schiff.

Come to think of it, the Communist Chinese sure do have a lot of American friends standing opposed to Donald Trump’s presidency, don’t they? Why might that be?

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