College Threatens To Revoke Student’s Admission Over A Pro-Trump TikTok Vid

Written by Wes Walker on July 9, 2020

A young lady who has paid for her housing, and who has roommates is being told that her acceptance is ‘far from certain’… because she posted a pro-Trump video on social media.

In case there wasn’t already enough reason to see colleges as indoctrination centers rather than places where students can be exposed to a full range of the free exchange of ideas, here is an example of explicit viewpoint discrimination.

Before she’s even arrived on campus, Samantha Pfefferle is facing the possibility of getting thrown out of school. The reason is beyond ridiculous.

The threat to cancel Pfefferle’s admission came after she posted a video to her account on the popular social media site TikTok showing her support for President Donald Trump.

The video, titled “When the libs find their way to your page,” lists captions such as “When people see that I support Trump,” “Then try to hate on me,” and “And think I’ll change my views,” over a video of Pfefferle dancing.

The video features a Trump 2020 flag as well as a sign reading “Marquette 2024.” The song used in the video is rapper 6ix9ine’s GOOBA, and plays lyrics such as “ He’s mad, she’s’ mad, big sad, haha, don’t care, stay mad.”

Because she mentioned the school, other students there caught wind of the video that has racked up more than 600k views. To say they did not take it well is an understatement. She’s been harassed and even had her life threatened.

The ‘morally superior’ Left has shown the true bankruptcy of their own souls with the repugnant things they have said to her for no other reason than having a different political preference than someone else.

“I hope you get shot,” one commenter told Pfefferle. “I’d pray for you but you’re not worth it,” another user added. —CollegeFix

Classy. I suspect that latter one would call themselves a ‘Christian’. They may want to re-read that parable Jesus gave about a tax collector and a pharisee.

The conversation she had with the school administration should concern us all.

Brian Troyer, dean of undergraduate admissions at Marquette explained her admission was ‘far from certain’. Which is weird, considering she had already been given an acceptance letter and had paid for accommodations. She even has been given her class schedule. But her admission is ‘far from certain’?

Yeah, no. Not buying it. This is explicitly political. They made no secret of it.

Some Marquette administrators also asked Pfefferle a series of questions meant to judge her morals, she said.

“They also asked me hypothetical questions regarding Dreamers,” she said. “How would I respond if a Dreamer who lived down the hall from me came up to me and told me she didn’t feel safe or comfortable with my views and me being on campus. They also asked me if they thought there was anything I could do to improve my image on campus. They proceeded to ask if I was comfortable with the reputation I have established for myself. The assistant dean asked if I put any thought into the response I would be getting from my videos.”

…A Marquette spokeswoman told Empower Wisconsin that the school had not rescinded Pfefferle’s offer, although acknowledged “the admissions team did recently have a conversation with incoming freshman Samantha Pfefferle about statements made on her social media accounts.” —CollegeFix

Social media pressure is mounting on both sides of whether she should be permitted on campus.

We remind you… all of this outrage is about noting more sinister than her openly supporting the ‘wrong’ President.

Maybe the Federal Government should make it clear that a school’s future eligibility for Federal Student loans will be revoked if they are willing to engage in viewpoint discrimination against one-half of the taxpayers.

You shouldn’t get to play political hardball in one breath, and then come cap-in-hand to the Government for taxpayer dollars in the next.

Let’s close with what the student herself had to say:

“I still would like to attend Marquette University,” she said. “However, because of the death threats, bullying, and harassment, this transition will be difficult to make. As of right now, I’m being left in the dark as to how Marquette is addressing the harassment.”

A late addition to the story said that her admission will NOT be revoked. But would that have been the case if it hadn’t become publicized?

How many OTHER students have been quietly penalized over their politics; students that HAVEN’T become a big story?

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