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THIS IS CNN: Don Lemon Says That ‘Jesus Christ Was Not Perfect When He Was Here On Earth’ (VIDEO)

If ignorance is bliss, then Don Lemon must be the happiest person on earth.

The second happiest must be Chris Cuomo.

It’s hard to imagine any combination of TV talking heads who like to moralize more than these two chuckleheads.

Watch these two lecture us ‘bitter clingers’ about current events, trying to use Christian faith as a pool cue to beat us with.

The point he is TRYING to make is that we are wrong to be looking at the Founders and Framers as great men who accomplished great things, without tattooing their sins to their legacies. He says we are wrongly deifying them.

He knows that many of the staunchest traditionalists who have not bought into the new trend of demonizing great men of generations past hold deep Christian convictions. So he tries to use that to force their hand.

Here’s how he tries to set our attitudes about the Founders against the little he knows about Christian belief.

Don Lemon is the very personification of dishonest pseudo-intellectualism.

Meanwhile, Chris Cuomo (an alleged Catholic) just sat there without a word, and let Lemon make an ass of them both. Then again, Chris’s father was the same guy who famously paved the way for abortion to be ‘A-OK’ for Catholic politicians.

We’re not exactly expecting either of them to be quoting Aquinas’s Summa Theologica any time soon.

The whole point of Christians believing in the deity of Christ, you absolute tools, is explicitly the point that Jesus WAS perfect. Specifically, we mean MORALLY perfect.

This wasn’t even the first time this summer that these clods put their spiritual ignorance on display.

This same Cuomo, failed Catholic, ended his show on June 26th saying that “we don’t need help from above.”

Oh really? You might want to rethink that plan, chucklehead.

Better men than him have tried to blow off God, only to crash and burn personally.

They’re pretty tough when they’re tilting at weak-sauce pastel straw men representations of Jesus. If they ever bothered to find out what he was really like, they would be shocked.

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