DISGUSTING: Young Children Carry Anti-Police Signs And Say ‘F**k The Police’ After BLM Supporters Prompt Them (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on July 24, 2020

No political cause should be worth degrading your children in the process, let alone prompting little ones to chant ‘f**k the police’.

These little tykes should be enjoying life somewhere. But no. Instead, they get drawn into a protest they know nothing about.

They are made to carry a sign they may not even be old enough to read yet.

And they are made to chant slogans whose political implications they cannot possibly begin to comprehend.

It’s not even a march in SUPPORT of a thing.

It is a rage-based protest focussed on spitting venom at something they denounce.

And these pathetic parents have their poor little kids spitting it right along with them.

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