Epstein’s ‘Madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell DENIED Bail, Will Remain In Jail Until Her Trial in July 2021

Written by Wes Walker on July 15, 2020

You didn’t REALLY think she was ever going to get out before the trial, did you?

At least, not unless she manages to land some Big Fish™ for prosection.

Nope. She’s staying locked up tight as a drum until she stands before a judge. And she isn’t happy about it, either.

Ghislaine Maxwell cried as she was denied bail on Tuesday and learned she must stay locked up until her trial next summer, as Jeffrey Epstein’s accused madam pleaded not guilty to the sex trafficking charges brought against her.

The 58-year-old wiped tears away and hung her head as she learned her fate, wearing a prison-issued brown top and with her normally short hair now long and swept back into a bun, appearing via video link.

U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan denied Maxwell’s proposal of a $5 million bond co-signed by two of her sisters and backed up by more than $3.75 million in property in the UK.

Maxwell’s legal team had argued she would be confined to a ‘luxury hotel’ in the New York area, surrender all her travel documents and be subject to GPS monitoring.

But Judge Nathan ruled the British socialite was a significant flight risk, citing her ‘substantial international’ ties and ‘extraordinary financial resources’, setting an anticipated trial date for July 12, 2021.–DailyMail

The words spoken at her trial were not those of a haughty gazillionaire with powerful friends.

Maxwell briefly spoke and only to confirm she could hear the judge and to enter her plea by saying: ‘Not guilty, your honor’.

Her demeanor changed when prosecutor Alison Moe began outlining the allegations against her, sitting back in her chair and bowing her head when Moe accused her of ‘sexual abuse of minors’.

With every allegation, Maxwell either scratched her face or moved her hair, but was emotionless as victim impact statements were read aloud.

It wasn’t until Judge Nathan started reading her decision that Maxwell finally broke down. She began moving uneasily in her chair as the judge said the evidence against her was ‘strong’.

When Judge Nathan said a ‘combination of factors’ showed she had the ‘motive and opportunity’ to flee before her trial, Maxwell wiped a tear away.

The second tear fell as the judge said Maxwell was ‘sophisticated at hiding her financial resources’.–DailyMail