NBA Shamed Into Allowing Fans To Buy ‘Free Hong Kong’ Jerseys

Written by Wes Walker on July 15, 2020

The NBA likes to swagger like it’s a badass and taunt President Trump. But the secret is out — they are ALL Xi’s little b*tches.

Blasting the President? Calling America racist?

Crapping all over the very men and women who keep the cities they call home secure?

Yeah. The NBA is big and tough enough to do that.

They’re happy to paint partisan slogans on their basketball courts in the middle of a Presidential election.

Thrilled to put those slogans on their customized jerseys.

You can also spout whatever nonsense you like about the police on them.

But heaven forfend you say anything about the shattered political rights of the people of Hong Kong… or their Chinese oppressors.

Messages like ‘Free Hong Kong’ were verboten.

Well, they WERE. Until they were finally shamed into allowing it.

As of Tuesday morning, customers can now get a “FreeHongKong” jersey if they want one. A statement given to me on behalf of Fanatics, which operates the NBA shop, reads, “The phrase was inadvertently prohibited on all our league online store sites and has now been fixed. Fans who wish to customize it, so long as the text meets the 12-character limit, are able to do so.”

While I don’t believe for a single second that it was “inadvertently prohibited,” I’m glad to see that policy was changed. –DailyCaller


The same league that threw one of their own employees under the bus because he tweeted his support of Hong Kong protesters last year ‘accidentally’ blocked ‘Free Hong Kong’ on their jerseys.

The League’s collective heads are so far up Xi’s ass they can see his tonsils.

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