Governor ‘Wear Your Mask’ Cuomo Spotted In Georgia WITHOUT A Mask–Exempts Himself From 14-Day Quarantine

Written by K. Walker on July 23, 2020

Governor Andrew Cuomo(D-NY) is apparently not finished beclowning himself in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a recent trip to Georgia, the Governor was photographed laughing, hugging, and elbow-bumping Mayor Van Johnson of Savannah.

One of Governor Cuomo’s fiercest critics, Fox News’s Senior Meteorologist, Janice Dean, noticed. She posted photos of the Governor and tweeted, “Mr. wear your mask not wearing a mask in Georgia.”

Geez! What happened to Gov. Cuomo’s new motto, “I wear the mask because I respect you. You wear the mask because you respect me”?

Uh-oh, Mayor Johnson! I think this means that Cuomo respects you…

What’s more, is that the Governor had recently put 14-day self-quarantines on anyone who enters New York from one of 31 states, including Georgia.

However, Governor Cuomo has deemed himself an “essential worker” and is therefore not subject to the 14-day quarantine.

When asked, Cuomo said he won’t quarantine for 14 days once he returns to New York. Georgia is on New York’s quarantine list, but Cuomo said he’s exempt as an essential worker.


At least Mayor Johnson admitted that they “messed up.”

On Tuesday, at his weekly media briefing, Mayor Johnson’s response to the criticism was, “We messed up, I mean, yeah, we messed up.”

Mayor Johnson took ownership of what happened and said, “We’re human. We made a mistake and I think for people who want to take the significance of that entire day, the significance of this massive donation, the significance of this wonderful friendship and partnership and want to delineate it to a picture, I think they need other stuff to do.”

He added, “If you noticed, for those of you who were there, this was a socially distanced event. Everyone sat six feet away from each other and for the duration of the event, everyone wore a mask.”

Source: MSN News


People are ticked off and calling him out on this because Gov. Cuomo has made mask-wearing the hill that he’s willing to die on.

The Democratic Governor of New York has been getting praise from the Media(D) and those on the left for his absolutely disastrous leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. His policies with regard to nursing homes literally cost thousands of lives. Still, praise is heaped on Gov. Cuomo for some inexplicable reason–even by our medical “experts.”

But this Governor doesn’t see failure, only success. He’s created a completely tone-deaf and absolutely ghoulish COVID New York commemorative poster filled with inside jokes that you can have for the low, low price of $14.95.

He’s even actively gaslighting and saying that he’s concerned about a “second wave” because people are fleeing to New York from other parts of the country because it’s the “safe state” as violent crime is skyrocketing.

The man is delusional.

There is one thing in particular that he’s been harping on for months–face masks. He has been on the “wear a mask” bandwagon for a long, long, time. He’s been suggesting mask-use from the early days of the pandemic when we thought that it really was going to be “15 Days to Slow the Spread.”

But he’s been actively advocating mask mandates since the end of May.

Gov. Cuomo frequently posts that people should mask-up.

Governor “Let’s not make the virus political” has done just that since Day 1.

Back at the end of June, Gov. Cuomo said that President Trump should mandate masks.

Then, in July, Governor Cuomo was lecturing the President to “Just wear a mask!”

Ironically, Gov. Cuomo tweeted this out today–three days after his mask-free stint in Georgia.

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