Is Your Church Following Christ Or Culture? – Part 1

Written by Doug Giles on July 23, 2020

The clash between the Church and our Culture is heating up. Which side will you be on?

The Wuhan Wheezer really ripped the mask off of the secular authoritarians, didn’t it? Funny how it took a mask and social distancing demands to do it.

Will Christians be bold as lions or meek little lambs when the government Gestapo tells us that Christian meetings for prayer, praise, worship are now Verboten?

Because if you haven’t noticed, the cultural Marxists are taking their shot at a serious obstacle to their cultural ascendancy… they are trying to strongarm the church into dewy-eyed obedience to the state.

And they are doing it at the very same time that Communist Dictator Xi is ripping down crosses and images of Christ in churches and private homes, and compelling them to put up portraits of Xi and Mao… or else. (Let the reader understand…)

But it’s framed in the clothing of such wonderful sentiments. Loving your neighbor, for instance. And many churches are quietly going along with it.

We’ve seen this story play out before… in 20th Century Germany. Just do the right thing, and capitulate to a few reasonable government demands.

Yeah. That worked out well, didn’t it?

Are you buying it, little Christian? Or are you anchored in something far more enduring than our cruddy culture?

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