Here’s How The Minneapolis Cops Involved In George Floyd’s Death Could Go Back To Work…

Written by Wes Walker on July 23, 2020

Remember that public rush to judgment and all those demands by the rioters that ‘justice was taking too long’? That impatience may end up with all of us paying a price.

Well before the country started being ripped apart at the seams, there was a moment of unity when pretty much everyone agreed that a very bad thing had happened in the conduct of 4 police officers and the death of one George Floyd.

Does anyone still remember him? Or are they too busy attacking police, burning buildings and pushing their Marxist agenda? In the name of ‘justice’ of course.

As the cries grew louder for the Minneapolis police to ‘do something’, they fast-tracked the usual process to appease the public outcry. We may soon wish they had taken their time.

Here’s what we know about their employment status.

…Chauvin now faces second-degree murder charges in court, while his colleagues who watched Floyd die and did nothing face criminal charges for aiding and abetting — but new reporting suggests that all four abusive officers could still be reinstated to the Minneapolis police force.

NBC News reports that the Minneapolis Police Federation, a police union, is pushing for the officers’ reinstatement. “I’ve worked with the four defense attorneys that are representing each of our four terminated individuals under criminal investigation, in addition with our labor attorneys to fight for their jobs,” union president Bob Kroll said. “They were terminated without due process.”

In the past, the Minneapolis police union has repeatedly gotten abusive officers restored to their jobs. So there’s serious reason to worry that Floyd’s killers might, at least as far as the police department is concerned, evade proper accountability.

…The Minneapolis Police Federation has routinely succeeded in getting abusive officers restored to the police force, with arbitrators in six of eight cases appealed overturning the terminations, per NBC. This has included an officer who punched a handcuffed suspect multiple times and broke his nose and another who kicked a teenager in the head and lied about it. — NYDailyNews

As open-and-shut as that case involving Mr. Floyd’s death might appear to us, there is a reason we have a court process and the presumption of innocence. It makes sure that the accused is convicted based upon the facts, not on the public opinion of a particular case.

And we ALL know their rapid firing was explicitly due to public opinion regarding the video that was released, and not a sober and thoughtful process of reviewing the facts and interviewing the witnesses present included the accused.

Our great concern from here in the cheap seats is that this same rush to judgment in setting the case against him will result in one way or another in a case they can’t make stick.

Heaven HELP this country if any of these officers were to walk on a technicality. It would make the original Minneapolis riots look like a peaceful sit-in.