LMAO: Social Media Lights Up Zuckerberg Over His ‘Whiteface’ Look While Surfing

Written by Wes Walker on July 21, 2020

When a photo of Zuckerberg catching some waves went viral, the internet had a field day. Here’s why.

When he went out on the water, he wore a heavy zinc-based sunscreen.

Yes, we know that it’s not uncommon for surfers to wear it and that it lasts on your face when other methods won’t.

But the way he applied it dovetailed beautifully with the ‘android’ memes that have been dogging him for years.

Here is the photo. Judge for yourself.


Someone came to his defence. Well, in a left-handed sort of a way.

But digs like these were more typical.

Even his surfing itself got some attention.