LMAO: Ted Cruz Took Just 12 Words To SMOKE Pocahontas’s ‘New Leaders’ Blather (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on July 13, 2020

The Zodiac Killer strikes with lethal efficiency yet again, taking apart Pocahontas with surgical precision.

Elizabeth Warren took that well-worn path to the tired old well of political talking points.

She fished some out and stitched them together with all the skill and precision of, well, Joe Biden.

Warren’s plan was to throw support behind some new faces in the Donkey Party ahead of November’s elections. The only problem with that was not paying attention to the words she used to do so.

You see, she made a careless statement about calling for New Faces ‘up and down the ballot’.

Was there something inherently wrong with that statement? Ted Cruz saw a problem.

And he pounced on it.


By comparison, the ‘New Leader’ running for President is the guy who’s doing the job right now.

Thank you Pocahontas, for your endorsement of President Trump in 2020.