Over 300 NYPD Police Cars Have Been Damaged In Ongoing ‘Protests’–Repairs Are At $1M And Counting…

Written by K. Walker on July 30, 2020

But remember…the leftist media keeps saying that these are “peaceful protests.”

The NYPD has had to repair over 303 police vehicles that have been damaged by protesters over the past two months costing the department almost $1 million dollars–which means that New York City taxpayers are footing the bill.

New York City police say 303 department vehicles have been vandalized since George Floyd’s May 25 death, causing nearly $1 million in damage.

The department said Monday that 14 vehicles were a total loss because of fire damage, seven are still being repaired and the rest have returned to service…

…the demonstrations sparked by the police killing of Floyd in Minneapolis and other instances of police misconduct have largely been peaceful — but there have been flare-ups.

Source: Associated Press (Emphasis added)


You could say that there have been “flare-ups.”

When 14 vehicles have been lost due to fire damage and more are being repaired–that’s quite indicative of “flare-ups.”


Remember, even though there is now an increase in costs for repairs to the fleet, the City of New York decided to cut $1 billion from the police budget. But even that isn’t enough for the anti-law enforcement activists. AOC said that “defuding the police” doesn’t mean shuffling funding around it means to literally defund the police.

The NYPD has been the target of attacks during these ongoing protests against alleged police brutality against black Americans that was sparked by the death of George Floyd.

But let’s be frank–this kind of anti-cop sentiment has been going on from long before the George Floyd protests began.

So, NYC is defunding the police as they’re facing increased costs and growing anti-law enforcement sentiment.

Great job, New York!


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