‘Protesters’ Visit Gun-toting St. Louis Couple Again… Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on July 6, 2020

Last week, a couple living in their palatial home watched as a mob of vandals and trespassers broke down the gate of their private street and, reportedly, threatened them.

After calling authorities at three different phone numbers — including the police — and learning that nobody would be coming to help them, they grabbed their weapons and met the crowd from the front yard.

Mainstream so-called reporters immediately took the side of the ‘protesters’, and spoke disparagingly of the couple. Even Chris Cuomo tried to leverage that event into some kind of a bizarre Trump-is-racist swipe. They were having none of it.

Having learned that authorities would leave them high and dry in a situation like this, and concerned that all the publicity would make them a target in the future, they found their own security. Sure enough, the crowds came back.

Mark McCloskey, who is a prominent personal injury attorney, has defended drawing his weapon, saying he thought ‘death was coming through his gate’.

But on Friday, he and his wife were far more passive as hundreds of demonstrators returned to their upscale neighborhood to stage a protest outside their lavish home.

The pair were seen tentatively peering out at the protest from the confines of their balcony, in the presence of their attorney.

Private security was seen securing barriers outside the home prior to the protest.

Demonstrators chanted and brandished placards outside the residence for around 15 minutes before moving on. —DailyMail

The New York Post pegged the gathering at about 300 members strong.

When about 300 protesters returned Friday — holdings signs reading “Black Lives Matter. Period,” and “No Justice, No Peace” — a more subdued Mark McCloskey could be seen peering out from his balcony while his wife appeared to be shooting video of the marchers on her mobile phone. — NYPostNYPost

With improved defensive barriers (but walls don’t work, right?), together with the presence of armed security, the rowdies more or less behaved themselves.

But who knows whether they would have been similarly law-abiding if not met with a strong deterrent? They had already been trained to expect that law enforcement would be a no-show.

We have already seen any number of examples where laws don’t even slow this crowd down. If they decide they have the justification to wreck something, they’re damned well going to do it unless met with a strong deterrent force. And this crowd is a natural hatred for any and all trappings of financial success, as though the only possible explanation for success is having cheated someone.

It was a recipe for Bad Things happening. But fortunately, it didn’t go sideways or end with a body count.

That’s the thing about private security. Their job is to neutralize the threat, not to care about the rights and feelings of whoever may be endangering their charge. Cops, on the other hand, are professionally bound to weigh those considerations in the conflict resolution process.

This makes any interaction between the protesters and armed security that much MORE dangerous.

The original story can be found here:

Last week, a couple living in their palatial home watched as a mob of vandals and trespassers broke down the gate of their private street and, reportedly, threatened them.

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