WATCH: One High School Coach Has The Message Divided America So Desperately Needs

Written by Wes Walker on July 6, 2020

Jason Glenn is the kind of coach that turns young men into real leaders and men of character.

If we had more such men, instead of agitators trying to exploit our differences for their own personal gain, America might be a very different place indeed.

He isn’t just complaining about a problem.

He isn’t just scolding people who disagree with him about something.

He is explicitly offering to look one-on-one at the people who are making the problem worse, and being part of the solution.

This is the sort of man who makes America truly great. Someone who doesn’t just give mental assent to the ideas of REV. Dr. Martin Luther King, but helping to defend the legacy he gave us, and bring it into a reality.

Coach Glenn is the leader his football players need. He’s also the victim of racial bias from police.

Despite that, his message doesn’t waiver. “We have to love one another.” Coach Glenn encourages his players to listen to one another, respect one another and understand.

“Judge a person by his heart. Judge a person by his character.”

An All American player at Texas A&M and later a player and coach in the NFL, Glenn returned to the high school level to make a real difference in players’ lives.

He’s sure that his path led him to this moment, to help his players cope and forge a new path of understanding. He tells us the purpose of his football program is “to raise great young men.” — ABC

Content of their character.

If that’s what ‘Toxic Masculinity’ looks like, America could use a lot more of it.

In fact…

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