Ricky Gervais Calls Out ‘Fascist’ Outrage Mobs Over Cancel Culture

Written by Wes Walker on July 15, 2020

The perpetually outraged are why his hit comedy ‘The Office’ would never have made it in today’s’ market.

With everyone wound so tightly and looking for a reason to get offended, a show like his would have certainly given them the opportunity. But that was also the whole point of the humor.

His character was oblivious to social norms and created comedically awkward situations by blundering through them.

The left has long since forgotten how to laugh at such things.

And Ricky Gervais is the one blasting them for it. The man clearly has, as the saying goes, no f***s left to give.

Ricky Gervais has continued to slam ‘cancel culture’ as he defended the use of free speech in a new interview.

The comedian, 59, who delivered a series of controversial gags at the 77th Golden Globes awards ceremony back in January, described ‘wokeness’ as ‘a weird sort of fascism’ amid calls for ‘the free exchange of information and ideas.’

He said: ‘There’s this new weird sort of fascism of people thinking they know what you can say and what you can’t and it’s a really weird thing. Just because you’re offended it doesn’t mean you’re right.’

…The media personality said on talkRadio earlier this month: ‘There’s this new trendy myth that people who want free speech want to say awful things all the time.

‘It’s just isn’t true, it protects everyone. If you’re mildly left-wing on Twitter, you’re suddenly Trotsky, right?

‘If you’re mildly conservative, you’re Hitler and if you’re centrist and you look at both arguments, you’re a coward. Just because you’re offended it doesn’t mean you’re right.’ — DailyMail

Gervais gets it.

On nearly any issue OTHER than free speech, we’re unlikely to agree with the guy.

But we have mad respect for how he went to the awards show and took dead aim at the pretentious pretty people in the audience, or how he is refusing to knuckle under to the authoritarian demands of the Transgender activists that we do as they say. (We’ve linked to those stories, below)

He understands the need for a comic to retain the right to offend his audience. Otherwise, he’ll sound just as conformist as the canned acts on late-night TV in the states, with their play-it-safe OrangeManBad jokes.

Humor is, by its very nature, transgressive.

But there are precious few men left willing to transgress the social expectations of those who have the power to bully your sponsors into cutting off your paycheck.

It takes some Moxy. And for that, we give him credit.

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