Running Scared: Obama Loyalists Breaking Out Old Tactics To Derail Durham Investigation

Written by Wes Walker on July 29, 2020

There’s a saying, ‘when you’re taking flak, you know you’re over the target.’ Is that why Obama insiders are pushing so hard to look away from what REALLY kicked off their illicit Spying on Trump?

Valerie Jarrett, one of the most loyal members of Obama’s inner circle, went onto Maria Bartiromo’s show.

Jarrett made a plea that sounded an awful lot like one made by Bill Clinton’s loyalists all those years ago. They even named a website after it. MoveOn. Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

That’s right, On Maria’s show, Jarrett, with a straight face, gave us the old ‘move along, there’s nothing to see here’ line. How convenient that you’re claiming that was too long ago.

This from the same party that tried to use comments made by a beauty contestant from the 90s to knock Trump out of contention.

Here is the line she tried to pass off on us, in response to a direct question about Comey.

“Well, Maria look I have highly great confidence that our intelligence community, investigators comported themselves responsibly,” Jarrett said.

This “was nearly four years ago and I don’t understand why our focus isn’t on what’s happening right now,” Jarrett added.

Maria didn’t let her off the hook so easily.

Maria pushed back… HARD.

Good for you, Maria.

That was killer.

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