The Thucydides Trap: How China Is Playing The Long Game In Plotting To Overtake USA

Written by Wes Walker on July 29, 2020

The Thucydides Trap, taken from an ancient Greek author describing the long war between Greece and Sparta is a theory featuring the necessary (?) conflict between great powers and rising rivals.

Is conflict the necessary endpoint between USA and China? Or is that a useful propaganda tool that Chinese propagandists have been employing in a long-game strategy to frame USA as a dangerous global threat that needs to be ostracized and destroyed while the world realigns with its chief despotic rival.

How does this all fit with ‘The Great Reset’ or ‘information laundering’?

All that and more is covered in this episode of Michael O’Fallon’s podcast, ‘The Causes Of Things’ …

You didn’t really think that China was all about playing nice, did you?

That they are our friend?

Nah. Everyone’s smart enough to see through that lie, aren’t they?

Of course not.

Either that or they have decided what they can get out of it is better than what they could stand to lose.

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