TECH TYRANNY: Silicon Valley Censors Livestreamed Political Press Conference AND Deletes A Presidential Tweet

Written by Wes Walker on July 29, 2020

Breitbart news live-streamed a press conference featuring Doctors with opinions on COVID. The President tweeted the story and was deleted. And then the conspiracy theories have propped up.

The conspiracy theory sprang up almost instantly that the doctors in this press conference were actors. Anyone sharing the information were immediately dismissed as conspiracy theorists.

Some critics even accused these licensed doctors of being ‘actors’, without proof.

Social media giants flexed their might to spike a story that ran counter to the preferred Chicken Little narrative about Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus.

We now have social media companies unilaterally deciding that advice given by medical doctors is NOT suitable for public consumption and has the right to label it ‘disinformation’.

President Trump’s tweets were deleted.

His son, Don Trump Jr had his account restricted.

The video of the press conference — PRESS CONFERENCE! — was removed because it contradicted what they have decided was within acceptable bounds.

Breitbart was doing nothing more ‘sinister’ than reporting the professional opinion of some Medical staff in an event organized by an elected official.

They insist on having the protection from lawsuit that an impartial platform has, while also insisting on the editorial control of the content of a publisher (subject to lawsuits like the one Nick Sandman has plundered media corps with).

So far they have been playing it both ways. But now they are explicitly gaming the system and doing so to the explicit benefit of one political party.

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