Ted Cruz: Although China’s A Dangerous Foe, There Is Reason For Optimism

Written by Wes Walker on July 17, 2020

Much has changed in the last 12 months… including Hong Kong rising to play the role of the Cold War’s Berlin.

Only a year ago, Washington insiders would scoff at the idea that China is a threat to be taken seriously.

Then came the Hong Kong protests and Communist China putting the screws to the NBA over a single tweet in support of Hong Kong.

Then came a conspiracy of silence between the Chinese Communist Party and the World Health Organization surrounding the Wuhan China Coronavirus. They closed internal travel but did nothing to hamper international travel. They destroyed evidence. They lied and even tried to blame the origins on an American plot to destabilize China.

And while all the world was busy cleaning up the mess they dropped in our laps, they moved into Hong Kong and started stripping rights.

So, why could Ted Cruz POSSIBLY be optimistic about the future?

It’s simple. We have come to the same point that we saw with Reagan’s famous ‘Tear Down That Wall’ Speech

Suddenly, there is a spotlight on just how corrupt and malicious the handful of power-hungry communists holding a billion-and-a-half citizens in their thrall really are.

The world is paying attention. They will work together to start identifying and blocking Red Chinese leaders’ strategies to influence and bully.

We have seen that Communism has an expiration date. That it eventually crumbles under its own weight.

This might well spell the first cracks in their bamboo wall through which the fresh air of freedom might begin to filter into a great nation that has suffered too long.