WATCH: Profane Pundit Proves Progressives Just Murdered Their Precious Gun Control Movement

Written by Wes Walker on July 17, 2020

Have you met Razorfist yet? Imagine a rage-y version Steven Crowder hopped up on Red Bull, with a vocabulary that might make Chris Rock blush a little.

(Just be glad he’s playing for our team.)

Well, if you’ve NOT met him yet, today’s your lucky day.

Not only does he have the strong conservative positions we wish more of our elected officials had the testicles to support, but he expresses them with devastating effectiveness.

On his latest video (about 7 minutes long) he hit us with how Democrats just put their precious gun control dream to a quick and gruesome death.

The protests, property destruction, mayhem, and riots? Those times when 911 just wasn’t sending anyone? Those times watching a building burn because nobody would stop it? Or seeing one saved because someone stood guard with a firearm?

It all had an effect on the public’s attitude toward firearms.

Even the milquetoast anti-gun suburban grandmothers started heading over to the gun shops and picking up their peashooters.

Razorfist makes a fantastic argument for just how badly they screwed the pooch on this one, and how there is NO coming back from the newfound public awareness of how important a gun can really be as your last line of defense.

As for his, uh, ‘colorful’ language? You’ve been warned.

And if you think HE doesn’t pull punches, just wait until you see what ‘sweet Jesus’ is like when you brush away all the gauzy platitudes he’s been draped in down through the centuries.

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